Mordin sex advice
Mordin sex advice

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You can't tell me you've never asked a question simply out of curiosity. General 7 Answers Can i have a realationship with samara? General 7 Answers Can i have a realationship with samara?

Given the trauma of the Krogan Rebellions, the decision to develop and covertly spread an updated Genophage won out. Regeneration cannot regrow destroyed tissues. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. On illium who should I have liara kill?

How would I go about sleeping with one of those? Salarians consequently mature very quickly by Human standards. What are the upgrades for the Normandy? From how he scans Shepard and her operators on Omega, and his casual detection and elimination of surveillance bugs in his Normandy lab, we have also assumed bug-sweeping functionalities in his omni-tool.

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Salarians consequently mature very quickly by Human standards. The Professor seems to have difficulty coping with the fact that he will not have time to do all the work he could do, fix past mistakes and generally make the universe a better place. I have no desire to sleep with any of them.

I only went with Tali because I thought Liara lost interest during the 2 year gap. See small picture. Former Special Tasks Group mission specialist, former director of a clinic on Omega, former troupe member with the Interspecies Community Theatre.

Working with limited facilities presents challenge. User Info: leggykibeth leggykibeth 9 years ago 11 When you go to talk to Mordin and say you want to talk, it's the conversation where he says "Wanted to talk. Forgot your username or password? His great pleasure is to come up with elegant, beautiful solutions to very complex problems while managing severe constraints.

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I tried writing this so that Shepard can be male Bester sex ever female depending on what you want. When he didn't respond, I continued. You know, with their immune system and all.

I shrugged. It crossed my mind when Tali was telling me about how she repaired her suit. Immune system weak. But, if you insist, she will require an antiseptic, maybe several. You need to undergo self-sterilization. Too much bacteria in the mouth. Keep your tongue in your mouth as well. How would I go about sleeping with one of those? An analgesic would be wise after and no tight pants. Also, turian have dextro amino acids which cause an allergic reaction and possibly anaphylactic shock.

I advise against. Better yet, put nothing turian in your mouth. Mordin gave a questioning look, then it passed. Only read about it. Never seen. Only my hypothesis. Or pigs. Small, but uncomfortable. Type and duration depends on the person. Mordin shook his head. For those humans, best to use a biotic inhibitor. It dampens neural receptors which weakens unintentional biotic effects.

Still, I strongly advise padding the walls. Miranda controls her abilities. Jack is controlled by her's. I laughed. I laughed flipping through files. Aria of Omega had sent me some Mordin sex advice she'd gathered. For free. I'm pretty sure she likes me Can't really blame her though. Males and females and its I'm sure there are its somewhere out there all get drawn to me for one reason or another. I couldn't even guess what was going through his head and I had the sickening feeling I didn't want to know.

Him so intently staring at me Mordin sex advice starting to get unnerving. I'd rather go up against a battalion of Krogen single handedly than be silently analyzed by Mordin. However, I strongly advise you to rethink your plan of fornicating with your whole squad.

With her immune system the fewer partners before the better, for precaution. Garrus would be a good second followed by Miranda.

If there is chafing, you'll need a softer follow up partner. Depending on how much padding you use, I can also treat for any bodily injuries she causes.

She's good for a human doctor. Either way, rash dampens sex appeal to other partners. Therefore, best saved for last. Jacob infatuated with Miranda. Samara's justicar code. Grunt just sexually matured.

Kasumi obsessed with lover's grey box. I have no desire to sleep with any of them. I was merely curious. You can't tell me you've never asked a question Mordin sex advice out of curiosity. Even with the prep work for special cases, you can easily satisfy five sexual partners in one day. I stared at him in disbelief then quickly shook my head. At this point, I really shouldn't be surprised by him. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Mass Effect. Shepard is curious about interspecies sex.

Who else are you going to ask but Mordin? This is all of Mordin's sex advice from Mass Effect 2 all Beatrice egli nackt bilder into one awkward conversation.

I entered the Teck Lab. Well, it's biology I suppose. I know a lot about everything. I could hear Mordin chuckle faintly.

Rare music to my ears. Thane's a walking, talking drug! He's like marijuana! Mordin clearly was not. Someone who lets their biotics run rampant? Her biotics are rather impressive. I happened to glance up and Mordin, who hadn't gone back to working, was staring at me. I was about to ask him to cut it out when he spoke first. Could send it to you. But that would be impossible.

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Culturally dead! He's like marijuana!

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Professor Mordin Solus - Mass Effect 2 - Character Profile - Mordin sex advice

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I read on the wiki that Mordin can give some amusing advice if you romance an alien like Garrus or Thane, but I've romanced Garrus all the way to the bedroom scene and I've been talking to Mordin after every mission and I haven't gotten that little bit of dialog. Follow/Fav Sex Advice with Dr Mordin Solus. By: reginleif-valkyrie. Shepard is curious about interspecies sex. Who else are you going to ask but Mordin? This is all of Mordin's sex advice from Mass Effect 2 all rolled into one awkward conversation. I labeled it 'M' mostly to be safe. For Mass Effect 2 on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled "mordin's sex advice" - Page 2.
Mordin sex advice

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After a violent death by an unknown force and a timely reanimation by the human supremacist organization Cerberus, Commander Shepard must assemble a new squad in the seedier side of the galaxy for a suicide mission in the second installment of the "Mass Effect" trilogy. Aug 28,  · Character Select: Mordin Solus Mordin’s also got some safe sex advice that’s a little less retrospective. Should a female Shepard show an interest in scaly Turian Garrus, Mordin will warn. Apr 02,  · How to Romance Tali in Mass Effect 3. Tali is one of the original characters from the Mass Effect series, and can be romanced in Mass Effect 3 if you meet a significant number of requirements. The most important is a save file from Mass.

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Mordin sex advice

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